mothereadSouthside is beginning a community initiative to help our neighbors build and advance a “culture of literacy” by working with parents and guardians to promote the reading of books in the home. Literacy — the ability to read, write and communicate clearly — will strongly set a child’s path of success in school and consequently, in life.

We’ll work to help encourage and spark reading not just in the schools but at home. This program’s reach extends beyond the typical tutoring session with a child but rather the participants are parent/guardians themselves as we inspire homes where reading and engagement in family reading are commonplace. Early support of family literacy serves to build a strong foundation for learning.

Only 39% of parents nationally read to their children on a regular basis. In our own community, many children enter a classroom for the first time having had few or no experiences with books at home. By working together, we can change these facts. We strive to incorporate family reading awareness, encouragement and books into networks and services that already touch the lives of families.

For more information about volunteering for this ministry please contact the below email.

Ladies Bible Study:

The Friday morning Ladies Bible Study meets from ten thirty till noon every week at our old meeting space. Childcare is provided. All women are welcome!

Contact: Melissa Summers 336-829-8171

Men’s Bible Study:

Open to any men who want to fellowship over breakfast. Second Saturday of the month from 7:30 til 10am.

Contact: Steve Angle for details.

Southside Worship Team:

The worship team consists of people who have a talent for music and a heart to worship our Lord. That unique blend lends itself to worship that is centered on the mission of Southside and the needs of it’s congregation and community.

Contact: Kenny Wallace