Worship Words from Southside


March 23, 2015

The end of Lent is just about upon us. Holy Week will be here soon, and then, arguable, the high point of the Christian Calendar, Resurrection Sunday! Over the next week or so, we are invited by the Lord to re-count, re-tell, and re-member the events that led up to that blessed event. So as we come up to Palm Sunday, remember that we are all in the crowd shouting “Hosanna!” But we are also a part of that same crowd that, just a few days later, was shouting “Crucify!” Truly we need the Lord and his mercy.

We will be singing:

Prepare the Way by Charlie Hall    as we herald in the Messiah

Hosanna by Hillsong   as we call out for Him to save us

Hosanna/Be Lifted Higher  by Israel Houghton as we worship Him who deserves to be lifted on high and receives our worship

Jesus Messiah by Chris Tomlin as we declare why the Messiah was riding in behind the Passover lamb in the first place

Mighty to Save by Hillsong as we proclaim that Jesus is mighty to save us who called for his death

and Your’s Oh Lord by Nikki Lerner and Josh Davis as we celebrate that the entire story was written before time began and that it all is under the dominion of the Son who was given all power!

Have a blessed Palm Sunday!

In Him,

Kenny Wallace